Novant Health & Smart Start of Mecklenburg County Partner to Reach More Families with Young Children

May 2023

Supporting a young child's growth, education, and development is critical to kindergarten readiness.

Therefore, Smart Start of Mecklenburg County and Novant Health pediatric offices have partnered to share resources with families. From the moment a child is born, Novant Health delivers comprehensive pediatric care tailored to each child's needs. At each stage of development, families have access to routine care, and the resources shared by Smart Start of Mecklenburg County align with these stages.

The first 2,000 days of a child's life are the foundation for long-term health and well-being physically, mentally, and emotionally. And yet, many children experience barriers, both individually and systemically, that put them at a lifelong disadvantage.

All children deserve access to high-quality physical and mental health care, early identification of developmental delays and the intervention services necessary to catch them up, and healthy models for good habit formation.
Programs offered by Smart Start of Mecklenburg County empower parents with information related to brain development and developmental milestones, promote the adoption of innovative, evidence-based therapies by Charlotte providers, and expand access to services and treatments children need to turn five ready to thrive.

"This unique partnership increases access to services for families in Mecklenburg County, all of which are designed to support young patients' social needs," said Tamar Goldblatt, Vice President at Novant Health and Smart Start of Mecklenburg County board member. "Novant Health believes that all communities deserve access to remarkable care, and we're excited to extend that care within Mecklenburg County alongside Smart Start."

"Smart Start of Mecklenburg County is proud to partner with Novant Health. We are thrilled that we can now get our early childhood materials and resources to families in a seamless manner," said Jake House, CEO of Smart Start of Mecklenburg County.

If your organization is interested in sharing the resources shown below with the families you serve, please submit an online order form here.