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Committee volunteers

Smart Start of Mecklenburg County (SSMC) is seeking committee volunteers for our fiscal year 2023-2024.  Committee members serve a one year term (July 1, 2023 - June 30, 2024) and can renew annually at the discretion of SSMC.  Committee members may serve on up to 2 committees at a time.  The number of community members required by committee is determined by the committee chair.  Candidates will receive a follow-up regarding their application in July or August 2023. Spaces are limited but opportunities to join will be available on an annual basis. Applications are due by July 31, 2023.

Committee Descriptions

Finance Committee: Provide oversight and strategic direction related to the finances of SSMC.  Responsibilities include reviewing program and funding recommendations, monitoring spending, reviewing financial reports, providing leadership during internal and external audits.

Development Committee: Develop, lead and participate in activities related to increasing brand awareness, advocacy, and fundraising to further expand SSMC's mission.  

Community Investment Committee: Research, discuss, analyze, and recommend funding for programs and activities that support the objective of ensuring all children enter school healthy and ready to learn. 

MECK Pre-K Committee: Provide oversight and leadership of MECK Pre-K programming and finances ensuring the program maintains it's commitment to accessibility and high-quality education; serve as a point of escalation for conflicts related to disputes, grievances, etc.

job opportunities

Join our team of professionals committed to helping children turn five ready to thrive.


Annual RFP process

  • Please check back soon for RFP opportunities. 

Innovation Grant Process

Smart Start of Mecklenburg County's Innovation Grants support efforts committed to championing equitable access and opportunities for all in early childhood. We value change that's centered on community, collaboration, and collective action as integral to shifting entrenched power structures. Smart Start will fund projects that engage community voices, particularly communities of color, to build equitable solutions.

These funds will develop innovative projects to help us come closer to our vision that every child in Mecklenburg County enters kindergarten health and is ready to succeed. The grants focus on rapid cycle, evidence-based or evidence-informed projects that will lead to the identification of outcome disparities for vulnerable families and the fall-out of pandemic response on preschool-aged children.

Bidding Opportunities

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  • You can access the DSP toolkit here