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2024 Black Maternal Health Conference

When: 4/11/2024 8:30 AM - 3:00 PM
Friendship Missionary Baptist Church
3400 Beatties Ford Rd, Charlotte, NC 28216

The goal of the 2024 Black Maternal Health Conference is to advance Black maternal health by broadening and deepening the community's awareness and knowledge about the Black maternal health experience. With Black maternal and infant mortality rising at alarming rates nationwide, this conference aims to address the current gaps in knowledge and practice of the target audience. Attendees will understand the role that historical and contemporary injustices contribute to disproportionate and adverse outcomes for Black birthing people.

Through the sharing of empirical evidence and the promotion of quality-based systemic solutions, conference attendees of diverse disciplines will experience both individual and collective learning. By harnessing the power of meaningful and respectful discussion, the voices of Black women and families will be elevated, generating the rise of healing, cultural shifts, and clinical innovations that will transform and eliminate this epidemic.

Attendees will be made aware of the variety of wrap-around support services available in our community for Black pregnant and post-partum birthing persons, particularly those who are low-income and at higher risk of medical complications. They will also be presented with information about proposed legislation that they can support to help remedy policy issues that contribute to the maternal and infant mortality rate. Lastly, they will be presented with recommended reading and video resources that they can engage with post-conference to further educate themselves on the Black maternal mortality crisis and understanding systemic racism in the medical community.


Host & Sponsor:

This event is hosted and sponsored by Care Ring