November is Family Engagement Month

November 2023

In the spirit of Family Engagement Month this November, we find inspiration in the invaluable contributions families make to the developmental journey of their young children.

The Power of Connection

Family Engagement Month underscores the influential partnership between home and school in shaping the future of our youth. It's a time to honor and appreciate the profound impact of family involvement on academic success and overall well-being.

Home Visiting: A Pillar of Support

In this celebration, we spotlight the indispensable role of home-visiting programs. Led by dedicated professionals and community workers, these programs bring essential services directly to families, fostering a personalized and accessible approach to care. Addressing factors such as maternal health, child development, and parenting skills within the comfort of one's home, home visiting programs contribute significantly to breaking down barriers to healthcare and education.

Building Resilient Communities

The intimate setting of home visits allows for tailored guidance and support, nurturing positive parent-child relationships. By doing so, we not only enhance individual well-being but also contribute to building resilient communities and a brighter future for the next generation.

A Milestone Achieved: Home Visiting of Mecklenburg County Landscape Analysis

We are thrilled to share a significant achievement in completing the Home Visiting of Mecklenburg County Landscape Analysis. Your commitment, dedication, and unwavering support have been instrumental in the success of this collaborative effort.

Shaping the Future

The findings in the report highlight the crucial role Home Visiting plays in the well-being of families within the prenatal to five space. With your assistance, we've reached a remarkable milestone since the inception of Smart Start's Home Visiting plan in 2021. Your collective expertise and guidance have played a pivotal role in bringing us this far.

Continued Support for Impactful Actions

As we celebrate this achievement, we recognize that it's not just an end but a beginning. The report signals the need for continued support from the community and its leaders. Your involvement will be pivotal as we strive to translate these findings into impactful actions that will benefit our children and families.