Smart Start of Mecklenburg County Installs a "Mamava Solo Lactation" Pod to Its Office Suite

July 2023




Smart Start of Mecklenburg County is proud to announce the addition of a Mamava Solo lactation pod for its office suite.

The lactation pod allows nursing mothers a secure, discreet, and private location to pump. Mothers can nurse or pump comfortably and in total privacy with a noise-dampening design.

"We're excited to offer this feature to our team members and colleagues throughout the building," said Smart Start CEO Mike Blackwelder. "This furthers our commitment to families with young children, internally and externally, as leaders in the early childhood space." 

In March, Smart Start was named a Family Forward NC Certified Employer. The certification was given to 15 employers across the state for employer-led change to increase access to research-based, family-friendly practices that include accommodations for pregnant and breastfeeding employees. 

The space also allows for work to continue; with a fold-down laptop desk and outlets, mothers can seamlessly transition from their desks to the pod with limited interruptions to their routines.

Mamava is transforming the culture of breastfeeding by making it easier for more parents to pump or nurse at work and on the go. Mamava lactation pods are freestanding spaces intentionally designed with easy-to-clean surfaces and conveniently placed outlets to provide a comfortable and private option to breastfeed or pump. 

"We're thrilled to support breastfeeding at Smart Start of Mecklenburg County," said Sascha Mayer, co-founder and CEO of Mamava. "We believe that all breastfeeding parents deserve a dignified place to breast pump or feed a baby distraction-free--anywhere, anytime. Smart Start is helping normalize breastfeeding and increasing equitable access to lactation support for the next generation."

The Mamava Solo lactation pod will be available to tenants of Ascend Nonprofit Solutions and their guests. 

This content supports our vision that all children turn five ready to thrive.