Making the Most of Your Mask | Opportunity to Donate

May 2020

There is no better time to invest in our community as we continue the important work of providing services to local children and their families.  

As the Smart Start of Mecklenburg County office prepares to reopen amid the novel coronavirus pandemic, safety is a top priority for our staff members.

Neither North Carolina nor Mecklenburg County have orders requiring people to wear face masks but have provided recommendations on cloth face coverings. Following these guidelines, Smart Start plans to offer masks to employees as a safety precaution.

With the understanding that disposable masks must go to our health care workers, we hope to collect at least 80 100 homemade face masks for staff members.

Our team is giving so much of themselves during the global coronavirus pandemic. If you're looking to return the favor, we ask that you consider donating cloth face masks to continue keeping Mecklenburg County safe.

Masks can be mailed to our office located uptown:

     Smart Start of Mecklenburg County
     601 E. 5th Street, Suite 500
     Charlotte, NC 28202