Triple P – Positive Parenting Program Shares Solutions with Parents

August 2017

Routines, tantrums, mealtimes, teachable moments, bedtime rituals, descriptive praise....the list goes on with the joys and challenges of parenting.

Many of the most common parenting questions have very simple solutions and now, the Triple P Positive Parenting Program is here to share those solutions with parents.

From toddler tantrums to a teenager's defiance, from bedtime dramas to outright disobedience, Triple P helps parents sort through the issues that affect families everywhere.

Triple P is an internationally-recognized program that gives parents the skills they need to raise confident and healthy children, manage misbehavior and prevent problems happening in the first place.

Triple P works like a toolbox of great ideas. Parents choose the tools they need for their own situation allowing them to create better relationships with their children, solve problems and become a more confident parent.  Also, Triple P gives parents just the right amount of help they need, offering everything from one-off seminars and brief one-on-one sessions with a practitioner to detailed group courses and longer-term personal support.

Mecklenburg County Triple P launched in June 2013 with trainings offered by Mecklenburg County Public Health.  To date, there are over 100 Triple P Practitioners trained throughout the community including social workers, early childhood education staff, mental health professionals, after school workers, community resource center staff, church personnel and more!

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